Party with Pantone!


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we just had to host a dessert party to celebrate the launch of our Radiant Orchid spring pattern collection!

grab some flowers, a few radiant orchid desserts, and use our DIY decorations to throw together an easy gathering for your friends to celebrate!

we had all our goodies on a white table so nothing distracted from our VIP guest, Radiant Orchid!

we were dreaming of a beautiful ombre cake with layers of purple ruffles . . . and  Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood, Texas captured our vision perfectly! then, we thought the cake needed a little height, so we topped it off with custom yarn pom-poms handmade by Tiffany Howard at August&Elouise.  it was the perfect final touch!


since our patterns are the primary focus of May Designs and the reason for the party in the first place — we imagined having our swatches on cookies. we had several samples made and LOVE how these turned out!!  we sent images of all our patterns along with a color swatch to make sure the color was perfect!


these delicious (surprise, shortbread!) cookies came from the heart of Texas, shipped with love from the Cookie Fairy in Austin.  you can order from these fabulous places or whip up your own treats… a little food coloring goes a long way!


click the image above for a printable of our DIY Pantone Swatch bunting!

one of the easiest DIYs are our patterned candy bars! grab your favorite candy bar with a foil wrapper and follow the instructions on the PDF to download and have beautiful sweets in no-time!

drinks candy

last, but most certainly not least, we stirred up some yummy cocktails for our shindig! grab some paper straws & mix it up for yourself… here’s the recipe!:

-1 part champagne

-  2 oz. desert pear syrup

-  1/2 oz. cassis liquer

-  berries for garnishing

-  stir & enjoy!

we hope we have inspired you to throw your own color lovin’, Pantone party! if so, we sure to show us how you use our DIY printables using #maydesigns!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.50.32 AM  Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.50.52 AM