DIY Printable Heart Garland [Free Download]



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‘Tis the season for hearts and love and beauty and colored candy that tastes like chalk. We’re big proponents of of St. Valentine’s Day over here (we made a full Valentine’s Day collection, for goodness sake), so we decided to make a little fun, festive and slightly sassy printable heart garland for you. Some ideas for where you may want to display your printable hearts garland:

  • Valentine brunch with your best girls – an obvious excuse for a mimosa bar!
  • Romantic evening in with your main squeeze.
  • Adorn your cubicle (aka “beauty box”) for the season.
  • Blogger? Print it and include it your own Valentine photo shoot. Just send us a picture so we can swoon over your work!

However you decide to use this pretties, let us know by tagging #maydesigns in your pic. Happy crafting!

Download here

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Download here

Staff Resolutions for 2015



We are pretty pumped about 2015 around here. In the spirit of the New Year, we asked around the office about everyone’s resolutions – what we want to start or stop doing, something fun, something awesome – anything really! Without further adieu, here are our unfiltered, honest staff resolutions for 2015:

Alli, Developer

  1. Use car less.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Don’t kill my house plants.

Courtney, Designer

  1. Learn Spanish!! (After all, come March my last name will be Martinez ;)
  2. Read 15 books in 2015.
  3. Be a more thoughtful friend + make more meaningful/intentional relationships.

Emily, Customer Service

  1. Spend more time playing with my kids.
  2. Eat less processed food.
  3. Spend more time outside.

Heather, Designer

  1. More reading.
  2. More planning ahead.
  3. More dates with my husband.

Jacque, Customer Service

  1. Spend more time with my kids giving them 100% of my focus and attention (set the phone down and just enjoy them)
  2. Get back into a fitness routine each week, 2 times every week is the goal and anything more is a bonus!
  3. More date nights with my husband, time to just hang out and remember he is a friend and husband and not just a Daddy :)

Jason, CTO

Finish remodeling our house and get settled back in at home – and get better at doing things in moderation across the board.

John, COO

  1. Sweets only on Saturdays.
  2. Margarita every Monday.
  3. Margaritas also on the other 6 days.

Mica, CEO

  1. Read at least 1 book a month.
  2. Put on face cream every night.
  3. Feed my kids something besides Pringles and popsicles.
  4. Have one on one dates with each of my kids each week.
  5. Interact and engage more with friends on social.

Natalie, Office Manager

  1. Finish reading the Chronicles of Narnia.
  2. Do something touristy//adventurous in Austin at least once a month.
  3. Become a better cook.

Steve, Marketing

  1. Run more consistently and injury-free – try to get 15+ miles in each week – and stretch more before and after a workout.
  2. More staycations and dates. There’s so much to do in Austin (something new is popping up all the time!) that there’s no excuse to not explore this wonderful town more often with my kids and wife!
  3. Be more present. Sometimes I feel like my ┬ábrain has turned to mush with my online friendships and screens taking precedent over the people and experiences right in front of me. The lost art of being where I am is more important – and rare – than ever.

2014 In Review


We’re as guilty as anyone for looking ahead more often (we love dreaming!) than we do backward. Looking back is such a healthy, fun exercise though. So as we enter a New Year, we took a second to look back at what 2014 had for us. It was an incredible year of growth and change and, well – you take a look for yourself.

And looking forward (we couldn’t help ourselves!), would you consider taking a quick survey for a new product we may launch in 2015?


DIY Printable Watercolor Holiday Gift Tags


1. Download the printable templates. We have two festive options to choose from:

Download Watercolor Pines

Download Watercolor Poinsettias

watercolor pines gift tags watercolor poinsettia gift tags

2. Print the tags double-sided so the pattern will show on the opposite side of the tag. Either feed the same paper twice (print one page at a time) or if your printer has double-sided printing functionality, make sure to choose that option. We’ve found that printing on 65-lb. card stock works fantastically!

If you love our wrapping paper, you can navigate over to Spoonflower to our Holiday Cheer Collection to order any of these designs!


3. Cut out the tags with a good pair of sharp scissors.


4. Hole punch! You know how this works.


5. Thread your ribbon through the hole.


6. Voila!