we’ve been busy bees in the MD Studio making 1,000 homemade pixie sticks for our #mdpaperparty packs! call us crazy, but just any old pixie sticks wouldn’t do for our super fans! the colors needed to be just perfect + they needed durability to withstand the Houston heat & all the tumbles through the Post Office!

scroll down to see how we made them!


but first, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Country Time Pink Lemonade drink mix
  • Granulated extra fine sugar
  • Striped paper straws
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Disposable cake and pastry decorating bags
  • Small cake and pastry icing tip

we ordered our hot pink & aqua striped straws from The Sugar Diva and loved how durable they were, we didn’t have any paper breaks! for the pixie mix we recommend using pink lemonade + sugar for the mixture because it’s practically colorless. we started out using fruit punch Kool-Aid & things got a little messier (and stickier!) than anticipated. turns out the pink lemonade is actually really yummy and it doesn’t stain your hands red!

we also started out using a homemade paper funnel to fill each straw one by one, talk about time consuming! luckily we figured out that a cake and pastry icing kit found at Michael’s would also do the trick & speed up the mass production. before giving the straws a sugar rush, we bundled a handful together so that we could fill multiple straws at a time. for this step you can use an extra set of hands or a hair tie works fine too!

once the straws were filled and secured with a fold and a pinch we began to add the flags. we cut our paper party printouts into strips and with the help of a glue stick, wrapped them around the straw. after the glue had time to dry we grabbed our scissors and flagged the edges of the paper strips. and viola!

1,000 DIY pixie sticks… DONE!

be sure to let us know if you try it out and have any questions! show us your final product using #maydesigns or #DIYwithMD!

Calligraphy Classes


we are so delighted to team up with Heather Bloem (@artsybloem) of Design Roots once again to host three (yes, three!) amazing calligraphy classes at the May Designs studio! we love a good collaboration!


to prep for the festivities, we set up our fabulous white tables from West Elm and lined them with hot pink polka dot wrapping paper from Target, just in case things got a little messy.


MD-DesignRoots-Callig-37 MD-DesignRoots-Callig-170


we then rounded up mason jars to use as centerpieces. to make them look crisp and clean we spray-painted them white and popped a bundle of gorgeous pink peonies in each one, added some dusty miller and just like that we had pretty and petite floral arrangements!

MD-DesignRoots-Callig-12   MD-DesignRoots-Callig-04

we strung together a tassel garland to tie in the pink and gold color scheme and draped it below the fireplace mantle. we served cheese and wine for the first class, muffins and mimosas for the second and cupcakes and champagne for the third.


scroll down to take a peek at how it all came together for some calligraphy fun!




MD-DesignRoots-Callig-46   MD-DesignRoots-Callig-47

thanks, Heather, for teaming up with May Designs! we had so much fun, as always, and can’t wait to play host again soon!

[[ a big thanks to our amazing photographer, Kara, for these fabulous photos ]]

Paint Shoppe Birthday Party


our CEO mom has done it again! between our upcoming card launch and hosting three calligraphy classes she managed to throw a spectacular party for her daughter’s fourth birthday; and the theme couldn’t be any cuter!

take a peek below to see how she transformed the studio into Madelyn’s Paint Shoppe!


for Madelyn’s paint stand, Mica used a Skylta Children’s Market Stand found at Ikea. she then Washi taped the entire stand and painted aqua stripes using Benjamin Moore interior paint & strung tassel garland from Studio Mucci across the top for a finishing touch. [[and check out the inside of the stand. it has shelves that actually fold down where paint was stored and could be easily reached for little arms. fabulous and functional! ]]


each table setting had a pre-designed washi taped canvas, a mini apron, and a paintbrush! the littles were set up for success from the minute they sat down!


each child had their own paint palette, and were able to head over to Madelyn’s paint shoppe to pick out the colors that they wanted to paint with!


MD-Birthday-Party-179 MD-Birthday-Party-180 MD-Birthday-Party-183

once geared up with their favorite hues, they were able to go to town on their canvas!

MD-Birthday-Party-152MD-Birthday-Party-111 MD-Birthday-Party-209 MD-Birthday-Party-206MD-Birthday-Party-114

the kids had so much fun painting canvases! each canvas had a fun design taped off with Washi Tape before the actual painting began… it made for some pretty fabulous masterpieces, don’t you think?!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.54.09 PM

Mica served cookies, LaCroix, champagne + wine for the adults & cupcakes + honest juice pouches for the little ones!


for birthday cake, Mica made homemade cupcakes with sprinkle free frosting. once Madelyn made a wish the party guests were able to decorate their very own cupcake with sprinkles. we love how Mica plated the cupcakes and colorful sprinkles on round artist pallets!


happy 4th birthday, Madi May! we love you!!

[[ a big thanks to our amazing photographer, Kara, for these fabulous photos ]