Holiday Card Pin + Win Contest


We want to pay for your holiday cards this year. Well, not everyone. But for one of you lucky folks we want to print 300 of your personalized holiday greeting cards fo free! How? Follow these directions and you’ll be entered to win!

1. Design a few favorites on our website.

2. Pin your 3 favorite designs using the #mdholiday hashtag.

3. We’ll choose a random winner on November 1st!



Holiday Cards Are Here!


We are so excited to introduce holiday cards to our growing collection of greeting cards. Head over to shop the website (and snag 30% off your cards in the process!) and customize your photo cards, invitations and more! Let the holidays begin!


40% off Academic Calendar Sale!


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Infamous Halloween movie characters design their own May Books!



In the spirit of the season, we imagined what it would look like if some infamous Halloween villains designed their own May Books. Here are the spooky results ;)

carrie white_halloween

The infamous character from the 1976 classic made a cute, teenage girl diary – with a dash of red.

michael m_halloween

Michael Myers with a classic ‘Halloween’ color scheme.

Jack Torrence

Can you name the movie Jack Torrance scared us to death in? Hint: “Heeerreeeee’s Johnny!”


Jaws has a thing for boats.


Casper designed a friendly, ghostly pattern to match his friendly, ghostly personality.

freddie krueger_halloween

A sharp, jagged pattern for Mr. Krueger, who has a thing for knives.


Believe it or not, The Leprechaun chose a green theme.


Playful, fun… gruesome. Just like Chucky.


There was really only one choice for the Jurassic Park villain.

norman bates_halloween

Norman went ‘Psycho’ for our tartan pattern.

dr jekyll_halloween

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde couldn’t decide whether to go black or white – so they chose both.

edward cullen

Ed’s love notes to Bella, obvi.

count dracula_halloween

Stylish with a splash of red for Dracula!


The Silence of the Lambs star, Hannibal Lecter, mistook our cute bees for the more sinister moths on his movie poster.

jason v_halloween

Friday the 13th star Jason Voorhees went with a surprisingly classic orange and black.